Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winning the Hearts and Minds

After so long in Afghanistan and Iraq we are use to the idea of winning the hearts and minds of the peoples in those countries. Well, now that the Dominoes are actually beginning to topple. We have three questions:
  • Will freedom and democracy rise to the top in Egypt and in Tunisia?
  • And will this trigger enough momentum to topple other countries?
  • Lastly, will it come here?
There have been leftist rallies here in the USA, that made the rounds, about a week and a half ago, on the alternative media, which showed there are actually angry, hostile people (no, they are NOT Tea Party people like the usual suspects in the lame stream media are always so hopeful they will find) who desire revolution.

With a few clicks of the mouse you can find clips of those and find how beginning in December of 2008 there have been leftist groups here in America helping train Egyptian students how to organize, communicate and activate to change their country. Mission accomplished. Egypt will never be the same. We shall see what that results in. Prayers! Prayers for righteousness to reign and find the hearts of men and women in Egypt.

As to what is next around the globe, it's already in the works in Algeria and Jordan.

Hearts and Minds? What we've been seeing, though many are not recognizing it, is Mr Obama and the New York Times (even with the help of many establishment conservatives) carry the water of a narrative that is a fairy tale. The narrative is that the youth have thrown of the chains of oppression and brought fundamental change they desired. Well, lets see how it plays out, as to if it's really what they were hoping for. Obama and the NYT, are giving a message to the youth EVERYWHERE, (who they hope very much are listening), that they ADMIRE what Egyptian youth were (as I believe) manipulated into doing. Their need was exploited by the Muslim Brotherhood and the various Socialist and Marxist union groups who helped keep the momentum going and gave it structure and focus.

Watch and see if we don't hear much more from various people on the left, not the least of which will be Mr Obama, about how admirable indeed the restless youth of the world are! Mmmhmm. Oh, by the way, the link just above gives the details of the Socialist group ANSWER's response and then the EXACT SAME STATEMENT was posted on the front page of the socialist group The Party for Liberation and's THAT for 'community organizing'...who knew what a deal we were getting when that was his biggest claim to fame?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


We all are created with the desire for liberty and that desire coupled with poverty and hunger are being exploited by American and Israel hating forces, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. I do believe there are a lot of naive and desperate protesters on the streets of Egypt. I just don't think it was them who kindled the fire. They are more like the kindling...Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood the lighter fluid.

Egypt is strategic in several ways
. Outside of Israel, they are at the top of our list of allies in the Mid-East, their leadership is secular and respectful to us and Israel. Toppling them puts incredible pressure on Jordan. They have refused to allow Hamas passage through to Gaza.

The benefits to militant Islamists and groups like Hamas are obvious
, and it would be foolish to doubt who is manipulating this human drama. Whomever is most determined and organized is who will win, whether that is freedom loving youth or hard-line Islamic instigators - well, time will tell. There is not a lot of reason to expect Mubarak to outlast this upheaval. And I want to believe in brighter days for Egypt, I just don't see it, I don't see organization on their side...I do on Hamas' and the Muslim Brotherhood's. The chance of Egypt's desperate and hopeful youth trading in a secular dictator for an Islamic dictator is likely.

Jordan next
? What then?
Pray for Israel, pray for us. Here's a great article over at Big Government.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sexualization of Our Children

By now most of us know something about the latest known atrocity of sex in the classrooms of our public schools. Granted this occurred in Oakland, California, which makes it easy to think, it's an aberration, don't be too quick to think so.

While the latest allegations being investigated in Oakland are so terribly egregious because they involved not just two 2nd graders, but that their entire classroom witnessed the oral sex as the teacher looked on, there was also a reported incident of all the children getting naked in the classroom.

We have just as shocking incidents
in Indiana and in Louisiana, and there are more.

Combine this with the soft porn masquerading as adolescent television via shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Skins, and you see our society through entertainment, and all too frequently through the zoo of the public school system, sexualizing of our most precious treasure, our children.

A parent viewer commented at this site the following thoughts on Pretty Little Liars:
No redeeming messages to this one, just glamorizing bad morals. Hate it - glamorizes all the wrong things: Teacher and student lover affair, lesbianism, popularity, materialism, etc., etc.

What does it mean to sexualize our children?
I'm so glad you asked. The American Psychological Association put together a Task Force and studied the impact on our young women (and don't think this is not impacting boys, by the way). They describe SEXUALIZATION as "when a person's value comes only from his/her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified e.g. made into a thing for another's sexual use." They found, in 2007, what we all KNOW to be true, that a multitude of negative impacts are the result of the flood of media images, through ads on TV, on-line, in magazines, through television and movies, and even video games and music videos. And that parents have a tremendous influence, either to the good or the bad.

Don't let it overwhelm you
, because you have the power and responsibility to protect your children. Educate (you, yes you, not the public school system - YOU), inform, discuss, keep the communication lines open. Help them to each day as much, as you are able, know they are loved, that they live in a world they can set healthy boundaries in, and they are wise to be wise, wise to work, to learn, to better themselves, to protect themselves and look out for others. Help them to understand the education system, the media and the entertainment industries are tools for their use, but they are not to be trusted and should be utilized with eyes wide open, hearts and minds on guard, and they are this way because our culture has become secularized and amoral. Maybe they will be the generation that turns our Nation back to biblical principles. At all times, be in the world, but not of it! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Toes in the Water

ICE and DHS have shut down over 70 domain names, with no notice ahead of time. The sites are suspected of on-line piracy, and/or copyright infringement. No one would argue that the down loading of movies or music illegally robs many of their just deserts. But, previously we have a little "thing" in our Nation of being given a chance ahead of time to be notified of the suspicion of wrong and be given a chance to correct the wrong or the impression of wrong, before the government shuts things down, takes over someone's store front.

But, as you may have learned under the current Administration, don't be distracted by these little details...look at the chatter that's been coming from the left, from 44 and Co. Numerous times they complain about alternative sources of media. Namely talk radio, Fox News, and the internet - via blogs and sites like Drudge, Fox Nation, Breitbart, etc.. The premise (if you are wondering) is that the sites mentioned, link to other sites, to other news sources, in order to substantiate their reporting and/or opinion, and also to reveal patterns, which you will NOT see if you get your news from the big 3, CNN or MSN. (Seriously, if that's all you get your news from, where have you been the last 10 years? You owe it to yourself to get on the internet and change the channel, listen to some talk radio if that's your thing, many, maybe all of them, are available on-line to listen to). This linking has the potential (only in a power hungry , freedom thwarting Administration) to be used by accusing the sites of 'copyright infringement' remember - the point is no due process is required prior to seizure. This Draconian overreach (seizing property without due process) of government authority on sites suspected of "infringing on copyrights" is all about getting their toes in the water. An experiment whose goal is taking the temperature of the courts and defense system to their assault, and the pulse of the sheeople (that's potentially us, Ya'll).

Will strong defense prevail? Whatever legal weaknesses are in the ICE and DHS seizures, will now be revealed and the government will be potentially better equipped legally to shut down 1/3 of their desired target. Make no mistake, they (Progressive left) intend to control the message. That is their only hope. so they have to try. They believe we are not only not smart enough to make our own decisions and take care of ourselves, but, certainly not smart enough to be trusted with all sorts of tiresome details, history, and current information to base our decisions on. What about the pulse of us, the "we the people"? I hope our pulse is STRONG!

We have a choice to be people or sheeople! There is a law waiting before the Senate, referred to as the COICA bill. It actually EXPANDS the scope and power of what just happened today. It is IMPERATIVE that Republican leadership hear of our strong objection to this law. Use the power of the internet while you still have it and research it. Also your local Senators need to hear from you, first thing Monday!

Department of Homeland Security has their toes in the water...they are wiggling them around...seeing if they like it...Let's get OUR toes in the water...get involved...ANYONE can call Sen McConnell office, and the Senators of their state. Speak up, be a good steward of the freedom you have been blessed with. Speak up for your kids, your grandkids, and your nieces and nephews!

Peace, Ya'll!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Three Hour Tour

Well, Massachusetts' voters may find voting for congressional candidates endorsed by John Kerry somewhat wet and fishy! Comparing campaigning with Kerry to campaigning with Thurston Howell, III, the Massachusetts State Chairwoman had this to say.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Velvet Chains Strangling State's Rights

Merry Christmas! God is still good! He's still on His throne. But, I don't think Obama's wanting to bow to Him! ;)

After completely enjoying our quiet, but very satisfying Christmas, I happily clicked the latest news to see what is afoot. I think as we move into 2010, we have several Progressive strategies we need to be on the look out for and work to defuse as much as possible. The first one I want to bring up is the dire financial situation so many states are in. I am extremely concerned the current White House Administration will work to swoop in and "save" states that are deeply in the red. They are in the red because they have lots of fat entitlement programs, are not business friendly climates, and are geniuses at inhibiting economic growth. Something else that accompanies fat entitlement programs is fraud, mismanagement, and illegal alien populations. California being king of the struggling state governments will be the first to watch for, in what this recipes for potential disaster brings about.

At this time, California believes that the level of cuts they need to make, would actually COST them federal assistance money for social spending programs, because they would no longer be in compliance with federal requirements in those programs, thus losing the federal assistance to the programs, which is apparently unthinkable. Unthinkable, because when when you start a social spending program, anyone who suggests cutting, eliminating or restricting access to such program is painted as heartless, backwards, or racist.

I believe Mr Rham Emmanuel "let no serious crisis go to waste" will be more than ready to provide "help" and assistance to California in it's time of need. Not through budget cuts, at least as far as social programs. But more federal dependency, less state, more fed.

Further, I would not be at all surprised to see some sort of manufactured crisis where the government has to swoop in and either all or most of the states. Like they did the banks and the auto industry.

Why do I call the banks a manufactured crisis? Click here. And then here. Inform yourselves. Pray, and make sure your elected officials hear from you, and that you find out who the good conservative candidates are that are running for office this coming year. Support them, as much as you can.

May the United States of America live worthy of God's blessing, and indeed be blessed!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Memory of Steven Harris Russin - Project 2996

"He was a child at heart.", said of Steven Harris Russin by his wife Andrea. In my mind this is one of the greatest compliments a person can have. She speaks of his sociable nature and inquisitive childlike mind, with a unique way of looking at things. During a casual stroll through a Florida art gallery she fondly recalls his questions resulting in the sales staff taking them to a special backroom and the sharing of a champagne treat, thinking they must be serious buyers to display such an interest.

Steven Harris Russin lived for 32 years. When our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, Steven was at work at Cantor Fitzgerald where he was a partner. His offices were located 20 floors above where the plane hit in the World Trade Center.

I came across an interview done through PBS which was conducted with two family members who had lost a loved one on 9/11, regarding how their loss, their grief was impacted by their faith. During the interview Steven's widow mentions a desire to have a playground made in his memory because it would be "a living monument rather than a headstone in a cemetery", a beautiful sentiment I thought.

I was able to find the announcement at the synagogue where the family attends, for the dedication for the playground, in October 2004. From everything I have been able to find out about Mr Russin, he would be delighted in this remarkable way to be remembered.

Besides going to work to provide for his young family, his last act of love for his wife was to get her a drink of water before he left for work, she being four days away from delivering twins.

Steven is survived by his wife Andrea, his son Alec (who was two at the time his father's death), his twin daughters Arielle and Olivia (born four days after the towers fell).

Our thoughts and prayers, on this 8th anniversary of 9/11 are, and should be, focused on those family members who the 2,996 left behind on the fateful day of September 11, 2001. Mine will especially be with the Russin family at this time of memorial.

My sources for this article are all linked above. They include,, and

My gratitude to Dale C Roe for taking on the Project 2,996. Click here to see the full link list and read about more of our fallen. And my additional thanks to Michelle Malkin, who alerted me to this project. Thanks to you both.

"Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:4

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