Friday, December 25, 2009

Velvet Chains Strangling State's Rights

Merry Christmas! God is still good! He's still on His throne. But, I don't think Obama's wanting to bow to Him! ;)

After completely enjoying our quiet, but very satisfying Christmas, I happily clicked the latest news to see what is afoot. I think as we move into 2010, we have several Progressive strategies we need to be on the look out for and work to defuse as much as possible. The first one I want to bring up is the dire financial situation so many states are in. I am extremely concerned the current White House Administration will work to swoop in and "save" states that are deeply in the red. They are in the red because they have lots of fat entitlement programs, are not business friendly climates, and are geniuses at inhibiting economic growth. Something else that accompanies fat entitlement programs is fraud, mismanagement, and illegal alien populations. California being king of the struggling state governments will be the first to watch for, in what this recipes for potential disaster brings about.

At this time, California believes that the level of cuts they need to make, would actually COST them federal assistance money for social spending programs, because they would no longer be in compliance with federal requirements in those programs, thus losing the federal assistance to the programs, which is apparently unthinkable. Unthinkable, because when when you start a social spending program, anyone who suggests cutting, eliminating or restricting access to such program is painted as heartless, backwards, or racist.

I believe Mr Rham Emmanuel "let no serious crisis go to waste" will be more than ready to provide "help" and assistance to California in it's time of need. Not through budget cuts, at least as far as social programs. But more federal dependency, less state, more fed.

Further, I would not be at all surprised to see some sort of manufactured crisis where the government has to swoop in and either all or most of the states. Like they did the banks and the auto industry.

Why do I call the banks a manufactured crisis? Click here. And then here. Inform yourselves. Pray, and make sure your elected officials hear from you, and that you find out who the good conservative candidates are that are running for office this coming year. Support them, as much as you can.

May the United States of America live worthy of God's blessing, and indeed be blessed!

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